Telemarketing For Business

Welcome to Gateway2Digital – a unique, multidiscipline talented team, formed from experts selected from across the digital services spectrum to help drive growth in your business.

Gateway2Digital will act as an extension of your business representing its core values towards prospects at all times. We take away the trouble, time and heartache from telemarketing, so you can concentrate on selling your business to the right contacts that are warm and defined.

We work closely with you to define your target market; typically profiling company data by business sector, location, employee count and turnover, ensuring key decision maker contacts are present by job title. The result is that you only pay for relevant data that works for your business.

By understanding your business growth requirements fully, and holding likeminded intelligent conversations with your potential customers, we deliver qualified telephone business leads directly to you.

We present your potential customers with a relevant and compelling reason to meet with you – and only ‘set a date’ if genuine interest is present. All too often, strong sales people are let down by weak appointments – Gateway2Digital’s appointment setting only puts you in the same room with warm prospects.

People buy people; this will always be the case – if someone likes and trusts who they’re speaking with, they will take on the advice given (absorb) and pursue the recommendations made (purchase). We never ‘stick to the script’ when given the chance to connect with people over the phone.

All companies should measure internal performance, obtain insight into competitors and understand what hurdles stand between their business and its buying customers. Gateway2Digital’s intelligence modules will dispel the hearsay and only measures to report positive changeable actions.

Really impressed with the sales reporting – we can see exactly what’s happening each day.

PD – Sussex

We’ve used Ed for numerous intelligence campaigns – both business and consumer, all of which have been hugely insightful allowing us to realign pricing and service levels.

GF – Warwickshire

Very happy to recommend appointment-setting services – we went from not get past the gatekeepers to realising almost more appointments than we could attend!

GW – Leicester

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Gateway2Digital offers you access to a wide range of expertise to help your business grow, from website development and brand-building copywriting to create the perfect platform for your digital success, to lead generation, contact gathering and marketing insights, as well as SEO, PPC, social media management, Social advertising and content marketing to drive more sales, loyalty and growth.

We’re here to help your business in any way we can, so contact us today to let us know what combination of services your business needs to achieve its goals this year.